Fortnum & Mason, established 1707 in Piccadilly London, is one of the world's finest stores renowned for wonderful hampers and a legendary Food Hall. In the Piccadilly store you will find everything you need: with five wonderful restaurants, Beauty à la Carte, a luxurious haven in the heart of town and six floors with everything from food, accessories, gifts and the famed hampers, there is still nothing quite like Fortnum's. 

Fortnum & Mason has held a number of warrants dating back over nearly 150 years. On March 2nd, 1863 we were appointed Grocers to HRH the Prince of Wales; on April 1st, 1867 Oilmen to their Royal Highnesses Prince and Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein; October 5th, 1867 Furnishers to the Establishment of HRH the Crown Princess of Prussia, Princess Royal of Great Britain and Ireland; December 12th, 1867 Confectioners and Foreign Warehousemen to HRH the Princess of Wales; June 8th, 1887 Foreign Warehousemen to HRH the Prince of Wales; July 16th Purveyors of Oilery to HM the Queen. 

For three centuries Fortnum's has been committed to bringing the world's best food to Piccadilly - often from continents far away. Fresh food, though, has always come from as close to the British Isles as possible. Respecting this hemisphere's seasons has always seemed obvious and Fortnum's have never really wavered from the path. Fortnum's take extraordinary care over the origins of everything sold. Every sprout, lobster, truckle and rib comes direct from suppliers known intimately rather than from markets. If Fortnum's we're not to uphold its own standards, who would? 

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