Our Philosophy

The vision and philosophy of our company are expressed through its very name: CandiaSoili : the olive oil of the Cretan land.

Growing up on the island of Crete and working in its olive groves, we have had unique experiences of flavour and tradition that we wish to share with you. For us, olive oil is our culture. It is integrally linked with the history of this land, with its residents’ struggle for survival, with the scents of the island.

Having thought long and hard, we created CandiaSoil and are now in a position to offer the best olive oil produced on the island of Crete. This is not merely an extra virgin olive oil; it is the most authentic olive oil, coming from a single geographical region, and offers unique scent, flavour and healthy properties.

For us, the venture has been an enormous challenge, as we chose to distance ourselves from the modern trend of adapting olive oil as a low-price product at the expense of its quality. On the contrary, we decided to take a risk and focus our activities on only one kind of olive oil: the best. Our top goal is for the olive oil that will reach your table to be nothing but the natural juice of the olive.



i Candia was the name of Crete during the period of Venetian rule.

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