PDO Peza

The Oi1 Peza  P.D.O.  is a premium quality extra virgin  olive oil,  produced by small local growers in the PDO region of Peza, in the Greek island of Crete, exclusively from hand picked koroneiki variety olives.

Affected by the specific soil and climatic conditions of  this semi-mountainous  region of central Crete  as well as the traditional production process, this natural product  is characterized by its  exceptional colour, superb aroma and authenticity. An olive oil with smooth and slightly fruity taste.

The E.U. has classified this olive oil  as P.D.O. - Protected Designation of Origin . The P.D.O. status is awarded to quality foods only, to certify the origin  and identity of these fine products.
Superior category olive oil obtained directly from the olives and solely by mechanical means.

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