PDO Sitia

“oi1 PDO Sitia” belongs to the extra virgin category and it is the finest olive oil produced in the Sitia PDO region. Sitia is one of the Cretan oil-producing regions best known for their quality and one of the 9 PDO regions of Crete. Like Viannos, Sitia has been certified for the quality of its unique product thanks to the specific soil and climate conditions of the region.

Why choose oil from Sitia?

In recent years, the olive oil of Sitia has won numerous quality awards,  the recognition of the region as a PDO region for the production of olive oil being the crown jewel of its quality certification. The region of Sitia, the eastern-most part of Crete, is home to a large number of olive trees and oil producers. The cultivation of the tree is greatly favoured by the fertile, calcareous-loamy and sandy-loamy soil, as well as the surface and subterranean currents that irrigate the trees. The soil conditions are combined with an excellent climate: mild winters, warm and dry summers, long sunshine duration and cool northern winds from the Cretan Sea. An intense fruity taste olive oil.

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