PDO Viannos

“oi1 PDO Viannos” belongs to the extra virgin category and it is the finest olive oil produced in the Viannos PDO region.

Its origin alone is the best quality certificate, as Viannos is one of the 9 PDO regions of Crete, i.e. regions that have been certified for the quality of their unique product thanks to the specific soil and climate conditions of the region.

Why choose oil from Viannos?

The answer lies in an old saying which associates the most common products of Crete with certain regions:
 “wine from Embaros, oil from Viannos, olives and rusks from Mylopotamos”.

The low-lying – coastal zone of Viannos is exceptionally fertile, as the streams and rivers that cross the mountainous and semi-mountainous zone end here, enriching the soil with their deposits and irrigating the land. The excellent climate helps create  ideal conditions for cultivating some of the most delicious vegetables and fruit of Crete. Olive trees enjoy pride of place, taking up the largest part of arable land. A fruity and peppery taste olive oil.

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