The easiest agricultural activity …

“It lives and bears fruit for centuries, it grows on any type of soil, it loves the Mediterranean climate, it requires minimal care and can be fully used as fruit, foliage and wood”.
This is the olive tree.

Its cultivation process is simple and relatively easy. This is why almost every family on Crete has its own olive trees, which they care for, cultivate and exploit, in order to produce olives for eating and olive oil milling to meet their own household needs and, frequently, to sell to supplement their income. It is noteworthy that apart from families living in rural regions, where they are expected to be involved in agricultural activities, including the cultivation of olive trees, there are also families living in urban centres that own an olive tree or even trees in their villages of origin. Thus, the overwhelming majority of Cretans produce olive oil for their own annual consumption – at least - while all members of the family participate in the production process, thus preserving the traditional customs linked directly or indirectly with the productive process.

The olive oil production process consists of three stages: cultivation, harvest and oil production.

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