What are PDO products?

“Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)” products were established by the EU in order to assure consumers that the products they consume are produced in the region of reference, with its specific soil and climate conditions that affect the quality of the product. Moreover, the establishment of PDO products took place in order to support producers who have chosen to produce quality products using traditional methods and utilizing the micro-climate of their region. Specifically for olive oil, its characterization as PDO means that:

  • It belongs to the extra virgin category
  • It was produced using olives from a specific region and of a specific variety
  • The cultivation methods used were environmentally friendly and safe for consumers' health
  • The olives were collected by striking the tree with wooden rods or by using manual striking tools to allow the olives to drop into special nets
  • During the oil production process, temperatures did not exceed 27oC (“cold pressing”)
  • In no case was extra virgin olive oil mixed with olive oil of a lower category

The PDO marking or advertisement must include the following indications:


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