What is the Integrated Management System?

It is a new, alternative (non-conventional) production method that is environmentally friendly.

According to this method, producers drastically reduce the use of chemicals and the unchecked implementation of cultivation interventions, aiming at safeguarding consumer health and protecting the environment. Farmers who use this system must follow specific production rules and keep records of the practices they have implemented.

The implementation of the Integrated Management System achieves:

  • Organisation of the agricultural holding by scheduling production.
  • Control of all stages of the productive process.
  • Continuous education and training of producers.
  • Reduction of production costs thanks to the rational use of water, fertilizer, etc.
  • Protection of the environment.
  • Protection of the health of producers and consumers.
  • Production of high quality, safe and competitive products.
  • Greater penetration into the olive oil markets, provided the final product receives the relevant certification.

Integrated Management Systems are usually implemented by Producer Groups, but they can also be implemented by individual producers. Producers who implement an integrated management system can receive relevant certification according to the AGRO 2-1 and AGRO 2-2 standards. This certification is awarded by competent agencies recognized by AGROCERT, the Greek national accreditation organization.

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