Why CandiaSoil olive oil is one of the best

The olive oil we provide is exclusively from the “Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Crete” category. However, the “Extra Virgin” label, which is awarded to all olive oil with an acidity level below 0.8%, is not enough for us. Those involved in olive oil know that this limit can also be achieved by mixing various olive oils of various acidity levels (from very low to very high), so that the average may be a figure within the acceptable range limits. There are also cases of extra virgin olive oil emerging from the mixing of oils from various regions or countries, even different olive varieties or different crops (mixing older with fresher oils). Such olive oil mixtures will be good, but not the best, as they are the result of mixing olive oils with different personalities.

The olive oil that makes a difference and is a cut above all olive oils distributed in the mass market of extra virgin olive oil has the characteristics of family-produced, artisanal olive oil: it originates from the same olive-producing region, i.e. from olive groves of the same soil and climate, it is extracted by the same olive oil mill, it is stored and preserved in the same way. This is the only olive oil that interests us and the only olive oil we sell.

And we invite you to taste it and confirm this difference.
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